Adherence by aamora member Jim Robertson



Adherence: Faithful attachment or support.



This is the beginning of series covering insect mortality and getting trapped by the intensity of one’s beliefs. It was bound to happen eventually, right?


The Image Adherence 3 is published in the current issue of Shots Magazine exploring The Five Senses.


Jim Robertson is a founding aamora member and follows the photographic path in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his contributions to aamora.

5 thoughts on “Adherence by aamora member Jim Robertson”

  1. A great post Jim…look forward to more from you! Original and creative.
    Thanks for the mention Aaron, couldn’t do it without Jolie Buchanan’s expert help!

  2. Thanks guys! Always appreciate a few kind words. Aaron, the feeling is mutual. Catherine had to give me a couple of pushes to get this out but I’m grateful that she did. I hope to be less of a stranger in the future. Gotta just get out and shoot the bugs every day!

  3. Jim is one of my favourite photographers. Always interesting and original. This one is intriguing. I love it. Jim was also one of the very first members of aamora and was one of those who was very helpful in getting it going. Thanks, Jim! And thanks, Catharine Amato, who is basically running aamora single-handed these days, for this and all the other great posts.

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