Pro Guitarist Karim Baggili by aamora guest Yasmina Baggili


Belgian, of Jordanian – Yugoslavian origin, Karim Baggili, born in 1976 is a young self-taught guitarist, Oud player and composer.


Karim’s music is a beautiful marriage of cultures, a universe which belongs only to him, a music which is powerful, modern, full of emotion and energy. YasminaBaggili-Karim_Baggili___Pro_guitarist_and_oud_player-kb_aamora_2

2000, Karim won the first prize at the “Open String Festival” in Osnabrück, Germany. 2010: Nominated for Best Album in World Beat category at the Independent Music Awards with “Lea & Kash” 2010: The album “Lea & Kash” won the Vox Populi Votes (fan votes) as Best Album in world Beat category at the Independent Music Awards 2011 Karim was nominated at the “Octaves de la Musique” He has already given many concerts in Belgium of course, but also in Germany, France, Holland, Czech Republic for example…


Karim is releasing mid-november 2013 his fifth album “Kali City” featuring Le Trio Joubran. Two projects will follow: a “solo screen project” and “Karim Baggili & his arabic Band”. Karim enjoys making videos; 5 episodes have been released on youtube. You can check them out here….

Yasmina Baggili, from Belgium, is a self taught photographer passionate about image and colors. She is attracted by everyday life and landscape scenes as well as fantasy artistic compositions. Researching and exploring photography expresses her sensitivity and great sense of observation. Now focusing on making photography for the music or film industry, cd covers, film sets or books covers.See more of her work here