Self Portraits by featured artist Charles Rushton (Part One)

We welcome Charles Rushton to aamora, who has inspired and encouraged so many photographers   


CharlesRushton-The_Self_Portraits-dinner_interupted_by_a_very_small_salesperson (1)Dinner interrupted by a very small salesperson

CharlesRushton-The_Self_Portraits-how_many_photographers_does_it_take_to_change_a_light_bulbHow many photographers does it take to change a lightbulb

CharlesRushton-The_Self_Portraits-interactive_televisioninteractive television

CharlesRushton-The_Self_Portraits-portrait_of_a_small_town_camera_clubportrait of a small town camera club

Charles says, “I do not have a lot to say about my self portraits. I have been doing them for the last 10 years. They are intuitive, meaning I did not create them with any unifying purpose in mind. I’m content to let the viewer read them as he or she wishes.”

Read more about Charles and his work here .

7 thoughts on “Self Portraits by featured artist Charles Rushton (Part One)”

  1. Wonderful photography as always Charles. I always enjoy your self portraits they so often are accompanied with a little bit of humour and we all need something to laugh at. Congratulations on a good selection here!!

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