“Shelter Piece” photographed by Penny Trim

Penny Trim has photographed Tim Etchell’s installation “Shelter Piece” three years on from its creation and now showing the effects of sun, sand, wind and human intervention.


2010. Permanent installation. Commission for Weston-Super-Mare.

Sandblasted text on glass for a 1930’s seafront shelter.

Text comprising one hundred fragments, notes and observations written on a visit to Weston, a day spent walking the streets, looking and writing.





Penny Trim is an artist based in Weston-super-mare in the UK and has a degree in Fine Art. She paints and photographs her immediate surroundings and at present concentrates on macro photography of the plants and insects in her backyard. She is not on the internet but her daughter shows some of her macro work on Tumblr.

 Tim Etchells is Artistic Director at Forced Entertainment

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