I have a photograph. It might help. by Lise Utne




These questions, found stenciled onto a paramilitary mural in Belfast in 2006, form the starting point for my fifth photo book on Blurb: I have a photograph. It might help.

(April 2013).






The images (which were mainly recorded in mid-Norway) may, in an indirect way, provide a suggestion or two, but it is up to the viewer to find the answers. (The first of the images above was taken at the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø, and is included with the museum’s kind permission.)”

Lise tells us,

“I was born on a dark autumn evening above the Arctic Circle (in Bodø, Norway) in 1959. Living in Trondheim with my teenage son and our cat, I am still fascinated by the ongoing play of light and colours through the seasons, and the dramatic potential of the everyday. Enjoying the democratic accessibility of photography in the digital and internationally-online age, I love the camera as a tool of recording and transformation – from objective to subjective and vice versa. I work as a translator and language editor, and I write children’s stories for my desk drawer.”

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Her blog and Facebook page “Looking for Clues”

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