Rhio9 is back reminding us about Aamora Carnival!

Welcome to our sixth installment of

The Aamora Carnival Project

Greetings All!

Llama & Monkey here again, we just got something in from our friend Rhio9 with tales and photos of carnival adventures.  He wanted us to send out a reminder to all aamora friends that the aamora carnival is alive and well.

We’ve already heard from many around the globe Denmark, Japan, Iceland, Boston, and the Big Apple all still seem to be a buzz.  

Rhio9 wants you to consider this a call for carnival for those of you waiting in the wings to join in the fun.

Join us celebrating & saying….

Aamora Carnival or Bust, That’s Right!

Aamora welcomes guest submissions for the ongoing Carnival Project in the form of photographs, videos, artworks and/or writings. All submissions will be taken into consideration for publishing.

For submissions: Click submissions in the menu at the top of the site or go directly to our submission manager and upload your own to the carnival category.

Rhio9 is a photographer & musician. Enjoy more of his wonderful work by checking out his facebook profile, or view his photographic books on Blurb, or search for his past contributions here on aamora. 

Aamora Project Carnival 

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4 thoughts on “Rhio9 is back reminding us about Aamora Carnival!”

  1. yay! the carnival’s back to aamora – great to see you Rhio9, love those priceless xpressions and hope to see more

  2. welcome back Rhio9 – looks like you’ve been hangin’ in carnie land; great reminder! [good to see llama & monkey too]

  3. This is outstanding. And when you’ve finished marveling and are ready for the next amazing attraction …. This way to the egress!

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