Good-bye for now to Aamora Featured Artist MaYa Sinji Jung

Aamora Featured Artist May 2012

MaYa Sinji Jung

{Self With Tides}

For many years, I’ve tried to settle my toes down on the road, but never succeeded. So many sweet homes & good people I met and adored, but always, my toes were humbly rumbled as there was always a missing (or, invisible) part, which made me float in the air like a ghost.

For last few months, I have been taking photographs as a weapon against the fear, sadness & disappointment from my recent life. As I am at home, it was easy, but not too easy to accept the fact that I am home. So true.

A beacon does not shine on its own base. But a camera does. In the end, it was a journey home to find myself again. I take photograph with those reasons.

This is a small glimspe from MaYa’s I Am Home series.  

Thank you for sharing your world with us here on aamora MaYa.  

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MaYa Sinji Jung is an intercultural artist trying to inspire people by her images, sounds, writings and smiles. She has BA degree in Cultural Studies and MA degree in Anthropology(JAPAN), but those are less important than her rambling toes.

You can view more of MaYa’s works in JPG Magazine, visit her Flickr gallery, 500px. Also visit her latest interview on Hiyayaakko.

6 thoughts on “Good-bye for now to Aamora Featured Artist MaYa Sinji Jung”

    1. Thank you Jim!! Me too, I love to see your world through the photos too. Have a great day there!! 🙂

  1. Thank you so much MaYa for sharing this story with aamora friends. You have a beauty we would love to see back here! Best wishes out to you . . . and don’t be a stranger

    1. Thank you so much Jolie for sharing my story and photos!! 🙂 This wonderful chance on aamora has changed a lot of things in my mind. It brought me to “home”, and made all those strangers in me to appreciate today as a tomorrow of yesterday! Best wishes for you too Jolie, and thanks again for everything. 🙂 LOVE

    1. Thanks Leanna for your warm comment.
      “What we need is to use what we have.”-Susan Sontag
      So, why don’t we share more photos day by day, moment by moment together? 😉 Best wishes for you always!!! LOVE

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