Part 4: Who, What, When, Where by Michael Van der Tol

What seemed like moments later the sirens got extremely loud and Dave and Jenny heard tires screeching as a police cruiser came to a stop in Dave’s driveway.

Thomas James Broadway stepped out of the cruiser – sunglasses and wide brim Stetson hat firmly affixed to his head – gun unholstered – surveying the “situation”. TJ as he liked to call himself, worked with Dave at Bloomfield’s Sheriff’s department 11 years ago when TJ broke into the force. TJ was always looking in a mirror at himself and his uniform was always immaculately maintained; from his highly polished shoes to the tip of his hat. He earned the nickname “Broadway Joe” or just “Broadway” which TJ hated – but it stuck.

TJ looked through the iron gate down toward the back of the property. As he gazed his eye stopped at the bright red color of the swimming pool. He thought for a moment and then said to himself “Nah, can’t be”. His thoughts were interrupted by the shouting and hand waving of Jenny who was trying to get TJ’s attention.

“Miss”, TJ returned, waving his arm, “I’ll be right there”. Although TJ didn’t see Dave, dispatch had told him that Dave called in the 11-8 and requested an ambulance. TJ firmly gripped the Glock 9mm in both hands and held it with the barrel pointed to the ground as he kicked open the iron gate.

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5 thoughts on “Part 4: Who, What, When, Where by Michael Van der Tol”

  1. I just read all 4 parts of this exciting mystery. I love the photgraphs that accompany each part. It would be perfect as a TV series. I’m waiting for #5.

  2. Now I’ve read parts 1,2,3 and 4, I MUST have the rest of the story! great writing Michael and deceptively calm shots, as marie said.( I love the dog taking off in part one on your blog).

  3. Great suspenseful writing, and I love the shot: seemingly so peaceful…yet what lurks beyond… Broadway Joe is an intriguing character (and should embrace his sobriquet). I look forward to the next installment!

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