Diptychs-5 by Lise Utne Aamora’s Featured Artist March 2012

Aamora Featured Artist March 2012

Lise Utne

Lise seeks to combine formal elements and subject matter in ways that create a certain narrative – partly with dark psychological undertones. 

Again in this set, Lise chooses a more fluid approach to the stitching of the images, similar to her last set, click here to scroll the difference.

“Photography allows me a voice. It allows almost everybody a voice these days. I love the democratic nature of photography – or its promiscuity, if you like. It belongs to us all, and willingly serves our different purposes. In combination with the internet, photography gives us an unprecedented opportunity to express what life is like from our different vantage points.”

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Lise Utne (b. 1959) lives & works in Trondheim, Norway. She co-founded a new blog in late January 2012: the international cooperative venture mirrored back, which sets out to be a forum for reflecting upon creative influences. Her blog looking for clues chronicles day-to-day uneventfulness and everyday surroundings, whereas her November 2011 book In the First Place available on blurb, tentatively explores the factors that bind us to a place and a set of people. Lise’s work can also be found on facebook and on flickr, as well as on JPG Magazine.

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