23 Skidoo by Danielle Kelly

here are some images i shot in madision square park in nyc.

taken from wikipedia:

“It is at a triangular site where Broadway and Fifth Avenue—the two most important streets of New York—meet at Madison Square, and because of the juxtaposition of the streets and the park across the street, there was a wind-tunnel effect here. In the early twentieth century, men would hang out on the corner here on Twenty-third Street and watch the wind blowing women’s dresses up so that they could catch a little bit of ankle. This entered into popular culture and there are hundreds of postcards and illustrations of women with their dresses blowing up in front of the Flatiron Building. And it supposedly is where the slang expression “23 skidoo” comes from because the police would come and give the voyeurs the 23 skidoo to tell them to get out of the area.”23 skidoo

23 skidoo-2

23 skidoo-3

23 skidoo-4

23 skidoo-5

23 skidoo-6

i wanted to create a cinematic effect using the lensbaby and textures. it gives the story a dreamlike softness yet a bit dark . again very true to my style.


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Danielle Kelly is an aamora.com member & semi-professional photographer in NYC with an ardent passion for following light. You can view more of Danielle’s work on her  website or aamora.com.

12 thoughts on “23 Skidoo by Danielle Kelly”

  1. FYI, friends, Anesti is the new co-owner of a restaurant called Winchester Kitchen and Bar in a very beautiful historic space in downtown Toronto. Anesti among his other talents has been an actor and a professional photographer as well as a restauranteur. He’s thinking about putting up some photography on the walls of this fabulous space. Help me encourage him to come to aamora for all the help he needs?!

  2. Fantastic work!! Makes me feel like those days when I’m just walking with no purpose and a little dazed but just taking everything in. very surreal

  3. These shots are amazing Danielle! And what a creative use of the lensbaby with textures….a really mesmerizing effect.

  4. Great effect. Woody Allen would love these cinematic portraits of New York City – as much as I do!

  5. Lovely shots. My favorites are the first and fifth! Very very cool effect fusing the Lensbaby effects with textures. Well done!

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