Aamora Guest Photographers: Fiona, Christine & Tony ::: Triptych Trio Collaboration

Rockin’ Red

by Fiona, Christine & Tony

Triptych Trio Collaboration – Photography

Fiona Lockhart, Christine Foster & Tony Wood with Rockin’ Red

Note: Triptych Example = 550 pixels width x 190 pixels tall

Aamora would like to welcome Guest Photographers Fiona Lockhart, Christine Foster and Tony Wood. These three are part of a group called Triptych. The group’s triptychs are randomly hinged by photography and the surroundings of each participating photographer.

Each week, the photographers along with others in the project, submit a photograph every Monday with no theme in mind. With two photographers living in the Philadelphia area, while the other photographers are from the Eastern coast of Australia, one never really knows what the outcome of the week’s triptych will be.
From subjects such as what one of them passes in the street, to simply just something one of us might take for granted around us, their collection of random images continues to grow.

Aamora loved the idea behind this collaborative effort and passion for photography. Thank you to Fiona, Christine and Tony for sharing your inspiring project.

Check out the group’s on going endeavor’s at Triptych

Fiona Lockhart is a photographer based in Melbourne, Austrailia. View her work on her photostream or in the group Triptych.

Christine Foster is the founder of the group Triptych and a photographer based in Philadelphia PA, USA. View more of Christine’s work at her photostream or amongst the group Triptych.

Tony Wood is a photographer from the Philadelphia, PA, USA area. View his work on his website or his collaborative efforts amongst the Triptych group.

Project Triptych
View the series


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