Guest Photographer: Laura Boston-Thek

My New Camera

So far this year, I haven’t really had much of a chance to play with one Christmas gift that my ever generous and encouraging husband gave me:


A 12″ x 15″ hand made Large Format Studio camera for Wet Plate Ambrotypes.



Construction began June 2010 in Texas by an amazing artisan – Ty Guillory.


It is a 1890’s design modeled after an “Empire State Camera” made at that time by Rochester Optical.


Ty had never built a Wet Plate Camera this large and was incredibly enthusiastic for the challenge, and for us, after working with many used E-bay camera finds with taped and leaking bellows….this was a dream come true.


I am excited to see what challenges working in this large format will bring.  Portraits with this camera will be life size!



Aamora welcomes Laura Boston-Thek as a special guest.  You will be well rewarded by checking out her work on her website and on JPG Magazine.