Guest Photographer: Laura Boston-Thek

My New Camera

So far this year, I haven’t really had much of a chance to play with one Christmas gift that my ever generous and encouraging husband gave me:


A 12″ x 15″ hand made Large Format Studio camera for Wet Plate Ambrotypes.



Construction began June 2010 in Texas by an amazing artisan – Ty Guillory.


It is a 1890’s design modeled after an “Empire State Camera” made at that time by Rochester Optical.


Ty had never built a Wet Plate Camera this large and was incredibly enthusiastic for the challenge, and for us, after working with many used E-bay camera finds with taped and leaking bellows….this was a dream come true.


I am excited to see what challenges working in this large format will bring.  Portraits with this camera will be life size!



Aamora welcomes Laura Boston-Thek as a special guest.  You will be well rewarded by checking out her work on her website and on JPG Magazine.

13 thoughts on “Guest Photographer: Laura Boston-Thek”

  1. The camera is just such a beautiful object in itself and I love your shots of it and the story behind it. Look forward to all the amazing images you’ll be taking with this!

  2. Very inspiring! Can’t wait to see your work with this amazing gift. (And I hope your cold is gone by now, Laura.)

  3. i would love for you to do my portrait with this beauty !!
    as well i dream about shooting with one of these some day.
    beautiful laura !

  4. Hello Laura! What an incredible camera story – like a piece of history of photography seen through a time machine, obviously, with Clover included. He fits very well on that carpet

  5. Gosh I had no idea this went up. Thank you guys for your kind words. If I never get over this damn cold I will have to find someone to will it too. LOL!

    I have two portraits lined up upon recovery…very much looking forward to it!! 🙂

    Great light to you all!

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