Craven Cats by Marie Wilson


These paintings appear along a fence that runs the length of a quaint Toronto street called Craven Road. (To see street view, CLICK HERE.) Opposite the artworks, small cottages line the street, and in one of them lives the artist who painted the cats. The fence is a distinctive feature in that it delineates the backyard boundary of the houses one block over. It is this one-sided element that lends the road some of its charm, the rest being provided by the wee cottages (many built in the early 1900s), tiny garden plots, and of course the cats, both real and painted.

Vancouver born Marie Wilson, was one of the first members. Marie is a writer, photographer, artist, actor, mother & muse living in Toronto. View her work on her website, on JPG Magazine or on

9 thoughts on “Craven Cats by Marie Wilson”

  1. Now this is a street I could live on! Having just lost a much loved feline your great shots of the Craven Cats are particularly poignant for me.

  2. Marie….just got back in town. I love the color and the placemnt of the kats….plus the strange way the images look back at me! Super series!

  3. I may have only three comments here but they are the BEST comments ever. Thank you, John, Michael and Alexis!

  4. Absolutely wonderful collection of images Marie! Your color palette and framing are SO tuned in to the sensibility of these paintings, your images are an extension of them. GREAT series.

  5. A purrrrfect neighborhood to be on the prowl with camera in hand.

    Your “photosite here” is cool, but your “her new website” is da bomb. Honestly, Spiderman couldn’t make a better website.

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