Three Cheers for Founding Aamora Members: Danielle, Michael and Jim

Three aamora members
Danielle KellyMichael Van der Tol & Jim Robertson
Published Amongst Lenscratch 2011 Favorites

{In the Clouds by Danielle Kelly - Leonia, NJ}
{Qualicum Beach by Michael Van der Tol - Vancouver Island}
{Service to the Suntower by Jim Robertson - Osaka}

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Lenscratch is a blogzine for image-makers exploring contemporary photography, founded and edited by Aline Smithson.

Danielle Kelly is a charter aamora member & semi-professional photographer in NYC with an ardent passion for following light. View more of Danielle’s work on her website or aamora.

Michael Van der Tol, founding aamora member, lives in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. His photographic work focuses on rural scenes & landscapes. View his work on his website on his blog or here on aamora.

Jim Robertson, follows the photographic path in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his contributions to aamora.

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