January Featured Artist: Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid

January Featured Artist

Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid

{Lightning by Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid}
{Bobcats by Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid}

Through photography, I have been exposed to the power, beauty, and diversity of nature. Living in Arizona, I come across scenes daily that allow me to share the smallest of details to the most grand of displays with others.

Photography opens my eyes to how delicate our world can be and I hope to inspire others to notice too.

–  Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid


Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid

Aamora Featured Artist

January 2012

Find Audrey’s work on her website Rainshadow Imagesher Facebook Page or right here on aamora

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful work Audrey and congratulations on being chosen as the featured artist to kick off the year – hope to see more of your work in the future

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