This Could Be Your Neighbour by Maura Wolfson-Foster


Imagine taking a leisurely Sunday drive, and encountering a giant black head on someone’s porch.
Well, it happened to me, while driving down Dellwood Avenue last weekend. Here are the results.




Maura is an aamora member. She tells us: “I received my B.F.A. from Bennington College in Vermont. It was there I learned how to “see” and ‘listen” abstractly. Before that, I studied in NYC with Daniel Green, a well-known portrait artist…. total realism, oil paints, “live” models….also, posed as a painter’s model during that period. Owned “Embellishments” – a business I created from being inspired by a small Indian mosaic frame found in the gift shop of the Jacksonville Museum of Art. – for 12 years. Now, I work at Merrill Lynch, helping people with their 401k plans. Photography has become my salvation.” – You can see more of Maura’s photography at and her previous aamora posts here.

17 thoughts on “This Could Be Your Neighbour by Maura Wolfson-Foster”

  1. Stunning find! And so beautifully seen and done! As Gail said, I love the last shot but the second one is the most powerful, showing us his entire solemnity and stateliness. Wow.

  2. Nice work, Maura. You are an intrepid photographer! Finding the most interesting oddities and shooting them no matter what. I like the shot from the side view but also agree that the best is the last.

  3. Incredible find, Maura! The crack in the temple makes this huge black baby head even more unsettling. And, like Gail said, the last photo is the best of this series…

  4. I am so grateful for your encouraging remarks….I admire each, and everyone, of you. xo ~ M

  5. Love this grouping of photographs. Imagine….
    and you were on the porch…. that one is my favorite…

  6. Max Headroom’s brother from another mother? Love this series, it’s Maurarrific.

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