Aamora Guest Photographer: Nelson Campbell with Leanna & Gail ::: Triptych Trio Collab


by Leanna Lomanski, Gail Anderson & Nelson Campbell

Triptych Trio Collaboration – Photography: 
Leanna LomanskiGail Anderson & Nelson Campbell
with Golden
Note: Triptych = 550 pixels x 388 pixels
Leanna Lomanski is a photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta; Enjoy Leanna’s work by viewing her portraitures, pay a visit to her fine art website or visit her blogs O Snap! & Sometimes The World Is Black & White.

Aamora member & administrator Gail Anderson is a Las Vegas, Nevada based photographer always up for a road trip to share her unique discoveries around each bend. View Gail’s work at redbubble, her photoblog, or here on aamora.

Nelson Campbell is a photographer in Montpelier, Vermont.  Enjoy more of Nelson’s work on her photostream.

Project Triptych
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6 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Nelson Campbell with Leanna & Gail ::: Triptych Trio Collab”

  1. I just adore this incredible rich colour & a true celebration to the Fall! Beautifully done; I hope to see you three do additionally collaborating after seeing this 🙂

  2. Beautiful and very inspiring with the golden leaves close-up, far away, and from a little distance, and with different amounts of black in each picture. There is a kind of music in the way they go together, at least for me 🙂

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