Without Pictures by Llorenç Rosanes

Aamora without pictures is like an empty room.

Llorenç Rosanes is a photographer from Catalunya (Catalonia) and a member of aamora. He is a highly skilled and disciplined photographic artist whose photo series are thematically and artistically rigorous and always a pleasure to look at. You can see more of Llorenç’s work at jpgmag.com. Don’t miss his “accidents” series: click here and then click on the photograph.

17 thoughts on “Without Pictures by Llorenç Rosanes”

  1. llorenc…I am always pleasantly surprised by the way you incorporate negative space into your compositions. It makes the prescient elements of your images more defined, I believe. I’m not sure how I can better describe it. It’s as if the space itself draws me into the photo, where conversely, it is often a particular object that draws me in. A superb image.

  2. Reminds me of someone I once embodied, I know the type, your friend Josep Ripoll is my kinda collector. I think that my wife & the kids that came along killed that guy. So now that same guy goes around filling hard drives full of useless collections of images…man I really gotta meet Josep someday. Hey who knows maybe our compiled collections of junk can marry & create more children of the haunted past while emboding future works of art.

  3. Sheer mind-blowing perfection, even more mind-blowing because it is so understated. I want a 40×30 print on this to put on my wall.

  4. I’m so glad to have visited aamora and discovered another Rosanes treasure.

  5. I see pink with leopard-print carpet and gold velour swag lamps. Llorenc, I’ll be right over.

  6. This is the ancient atelier and housing of an artist. He has changed house and atelier and asked me to document his march. Josep Ripoll is a tireless creator, painter, sculptor, designer, typographer, performer…, collector of books, of images, of notes, of writings. He was keeping everything. He keeps everything still. He hoards thousands of folders, notebooks, bags and boxes full of any thing that one day could be useful for one or another purpose. In his mind he knows exactly where and when will use this or that kept thing.
    Josep never had time to dust his atelier. And now that he has left it, it seems that he still continues there. The shelves in the background full of art and science and philosophy and picture books, and notebooks full of thoughts and designs and drawings. The walls full of clippings of press, needles, photos, sketches, some picture of some friendly artist. A ex-girlfriend’s photo. The lamp of his own design. A phone marking tens messages without answering.
    So, between everything what Josep kept, thought, worked… his essence was distilled and remained recorded in the walls. The room although empty, it’s full of his essence. There are traces of life yet. But there will come a new tenant, who will do covering all these traces. Will achieve that the ‘living empty’ turns into ‘dead empty’; at least as for Josep and to the physical space that one day he occupied. Fortunately our memory will not be painted.

  7. Llorenç, you seem to be in the middle of redecorating. I bet Crystal could be a big help.

  8. Yeah, great photo, Llorenc! That room is not entirely empty. What I see in it is all really interesting, somewhat mysterious, and with great light, some shadows, vague shapes, destruction, re-creation, a black dot, a zigzag – a lot like what I see at aamora.

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