Tallied Results: Carnival or Bust!

Welcome to our fourth installment of

The Aamora Carnival Project

Greetings All!

Llama & Monkey here, & just as promised earlier this week, here’s Friday’s report on Aamora Carnival Buzz around the globe! . . .


Hong Kong tram travelers gear up for The Aamora Carnival.

{Hong Kong Tram by John Linton}

Japan reports in with dancing & the singing of an Aamora Carnival or Bust limerick our office has yet to hear.

{Fast Track by Jim Robertson}

The Big Apple reports a cab shortage.  We’re unsure if that’s Carnival related or due to hurricanes, but we’re told, Aamora Carnival or Bust was heard to hail this cabbie.

{Hailing A Ride by Danielle Kelly}

Upstate New York is a buzz. One carnie explains the “W” seen thru this window stands for “Wowee.”

{W through the Window by Jim Ford}

The e-mail ended with “Wowee…Carnival or Bust,…Wowee…Carnival or Bust,…Wowee…flowing for at least 5 screens on our 32” monitor before we scrolled to the attachment finally understanding what they were writing.

{Spanish Harlem on Foot by Ronnie Ginnever}

The three above on foot in Spanish Harlem, New York, we believe, are possibly limerick professionals. Our guess is the Aamora Carnival or Bust, That’s Right limerick originates with these three.

Their combination of joviality & trickery are apparent in all their correspondence. They also put Aamora Carnival or Bust on the outside of all their envelopes. Perhaps if and when they see this, they’ll clue us in with a video clip of how this global limerick is sung.

Have you seen the tv news about the man from Boston sculling the globe to the tune of the Aamora Carnival or Bust limerick? Neither have we, but a by-stander sent this photo as he sculled near Harvard University and told us there’s a tv spot out there somewhere.

Please send video of the limerick. Llama & monkey are intrigued.

{Sculling Solo by Jolie Buchanan}

Chesterman Beach on Vancouver Island is a buzz as surfers brave their boards for carnival fun. Their e-mail subject line was Aamora Carnival or Bust, so we know they’re in on it too!

{Chesterman Beach by Aaron Schwartz}

Last & certainly not least, a man whose updates fill a wall in our office. During the night, he embarks from Iceland to the Aamora Carnival.

{On Foot by Konrad Ragnarsson}

At first, we brush his e-mails off as odd joke; his correspondence continues to pour into our office. At closer look, a tremendous Aamora Carnival buzz with enthusiastic people getting involved with each of his steps can be followed.

Just days after the first photo you can see above, this man converts a fleet of busses; recruits a crew to letter each “Aamora Carnival or Bustpaints them day-glo, all while he personally drafts routes to pick up passengers for The Aamora Carnival.

{Carnival or Bust by Konrad Ragnarsson}

Well, it didn’t stop there. The man now has arranged helicopters to air-lift limerick gurgling swimmers & drop them to dry land to catch “Aamora Carnival or Bust” busses he has arranged.

{Dropped in by Helicopter by Konrad Ragnarsson}


  • Llama & monkey didn’t create this; we tallied & reported;
  • We’ve not heard the Aamora Carnival or Bust limerick, please send it to us;
  • If we hadn’t gone through all your documentation & compiled this report we’d probably be saying, “Completely Unbelievable.”
But no, instead, we’re celebrating & joining you in saying….
Aamora Carnival or Bust, That’s Right!

Aamora welcomes guest submissions for the ongoing Carnival Project in the form of photographs, videos, artworks and/or writings. All submissions will be taken into consideration for publishing.

For submissions: E-mail an inquiry to [email protected]


Please join us in welcoming guest Photographer Konrad Ragnarsson for Carnival installment #4. Konrad’s passion for photography is evident, bringing forth both his humour and unique perspective on life.  He calls Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik home. View more of his work at his photo stream.

Other Aamora contributors to Carnival installment #4: Diane PetersonJolie BuchananJohn Linton, Jim RobertsonDanielle KellyJim Ford, Ronnie Ginnever, Aaron Schwartz

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13 thoughts on “Tallied Results: Carnival or Bust!”

  1. When the pic hits your eye as you scroll oh my my that’s aamora.

    Ummm…My brain is fried…Can’t thing of anything worth writing…Later…Oh…Wait…”Who you callin an aamoran?!”…I just got it…Man…Like Aaron is so…like…funny…

    Rock on aamorans…Rock on…

  2. Hello my friends from Aamora, I am delighted to be a part of the “Aamora Carnival of Bust” project. It’s a treat to visit Aamora and share with you guys. I will be leaving for Spain tomorrow and will hook up with Pilar. Hopefully, I’ll find some cool carnivals during my travels. Ciao until I return.

  3. Coolness! Been on the road & didn’t even know this had continued beyond installment #1! Until I saw the mention on Google+ recently. Must not be in the email loop anymore.

    Glad you kept it going. Looks fab! And dandy to see Konrad as well. What up?! 🙂

    In DC & headed for a short NYC trip next.



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