Hazelnut by Aamora Contributing Member Marie Wilson


Once there were four sisters: Eileen, Figurine, Tangerine and

Hazelnut (whose real name was Praline)

    Eileen was the eldest of the four sisters.
    She liked to have tea parties in the backyard.














Figurine was the second eldest.

She liked to dance at Eileen’s tea parties in dresses of yellow organza or aubergine brocade.


Tangerine was next in line.
Her hair was a lovely orange colour and her favourite past time was making mud pies to serve at Eileen’s tea parties.

Hazelnut was the youngest.
She loved to explore neighbourhoods other than her own. She often went to Chinatown or Little India just to gaze at the trinkets and beads and beans and bowls.
When she wasn’t in distant neighbourhoods she could be found in the tree in her backyard. Sometimes she would perch on a branch and eat the cherries that grew in the tree. Other times she would just sit and think or sing a song.
IMG_5328 And on the days when Eileen was having a tea party, Hazelnut would make it rain.  Not the kind of rain that requires an umbrella to keep from getting wet, but a rainfall of brightly coloured confetti or silver sparkles or green lentils. Sometimes adzuki beans would drop one by one, making tinkling sounds on the teacups.
Today was an especially hot day and so it rained Chinese fans.
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The first fan landed on Eileen’s head.  When she opened it up she saw that it was made of mocha-coloured silk covered in big black Chinese characters.  She waved it back and forth and felt its cool breeze.
Another fan dropped on the tablecloth next to Tangerine. It was an exquisite paper fan covered in orange and turquoise birds. And finally, Figurine reached out to catch a plastic fan with gold trim and bubble-gum pink blossoms. Fluttering the fan in the air,  she danced a fandango.
From the leafy green tree above, Hazelnut munched on cherries and candied ginger and cooled herself with a lace fan of sky blue.

The party lasted all day

and when it was over the tired little girls went off to bed.
Each put her special fan under her pillow and dreamt fantastic dreams


… all night long.

Hazelnut is written by Marie Wilson.

Photographs are by Aaron Schwartz.

Vancouver born Marie Wilson, was one of the first aamora.com members. Marie is a writer, photographer, artist, actor, mother & muse living in Toronto. View her work on her website, on JPG Magazine or on aamora.

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  1. Back to read and view again (for the third or fourth time!) It’s a wonderful story and the images are perfect for it.
    magic on aamora!

  2. What a delightful tale for the new year! Marie and Aaron, I would love to see this published as a book for children and grown-ups with a childlike spirit and heart.

  3. Awwwww nuts…this is totally cool…like…that reminds me…

    “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
    George Bernard Shaw

  4. Marie and Aaron, you two together work magic! And the appearance of Chinatown in this fairy tale gives it its unique touch.

    I am very pleased to see aamora live and kicking…

  5. Pure enchantment! “Hazelnut” fills me with Joy. I see a children’s book being published in the near future. Thank you, both, for this splendid collaboration. Happy 2011, indeed ~ !!! 🙂

  6. Marie and Aaron….Just a wonderful narrative that works beautifully with the images that you both have gathered and brewed into a marvelous story and picture tale.

  7. Just seen this wonder….great start to our year! Back for proper comment later. Thankyou Marie and Aaron!

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