Guest Artist: JUSTART/Sylvia ::: Aamora Triptych Solo

by JUSTART/Sylvia

We are delighted to welcome a very special guest


Joining us in Aamora’s Project Triptych

Below find 9 individual triptych creations from Sylvia’s extensive collection. Each has been created from a single photograph she has captured, then divided into three sections creating three panels to complete the triptych.
Click any triptych to view.

JUSTART/Sylvia is a Dutch Photographer and Digital Artist with a great passion for all the beautiful things around her. Her particular interests are in abstract, nature and floral arts.

She is a member of the Bond voor Nederlandse Amateur Fotografen Verenigingen (BNAFV)¬†[the Federation for Dutch Amateur Photographers]. View more of JUST ART/Sylvia’s work on Modern Mural where you will also find her original photographs from each of the triptychs above. You can also find JUSTART on Facebook by clicking here

Special Note: Each of the jpegs above is 182 x 180 pixels; while the contest submissions require 550px, we used a smaller px to show the collection; this collection as a whole is 550px

Project Triptych
View the series


11 thoughts on “Guest Artist: JUSTART/Sylvia ::: Aamora Triptych Solo”

  1. Sylvia, You are so deserving of this feature and so many other things that you do…I really am happy for you!!! you do work so hard..God Bless in All endeavors…

  2. How great to see your work on aamora sylvia; excellent inspiration for the triptych contest. After viewing these, I’m off here and grabbing my camera! Thank you.

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