Chaos Can Be Tricky: Congrats To Jim Robertson

Join Us in Congratulating

Jim Robertson & Chaos!

Yes, you read that right Aamora friends. Join us in celebration!

Find Chaos & Jim Robertson in Issue 11 of Fotoblur Magazine.

{Chaos Theory by Jim Robertson}

As the story goes…

Jim stayed with friends one weekend in Columbus, Ohio, when he snapped the above portrait of Chaos, his friend’s dog, on their velvety red sofa.

Jim had seen Chaos posed there on the sofa a few times whenever he was leaving the home alone.  Finally, Jim decided to make a candid portrait of Chaos.

As Jim later showed the dog’s owners the photograph, they had no idea Chaos made this spot his own when they weren’t around.

Apparently, Chaos can be tricky. The dog jumps down from the sofa when the friends pull into the driveway, but Chaos felt no alarm when it was just Jim.

Jim says he’s glad Chaos feels this way. All of us here at Aamora are glad too! Please join us in congratulating them both for a job well done.

Find Chaos & Jim Robertson in Issue 11 of Fotoblur Magazine


Fotoblur Magazine is a community generated photography magazine published quarterly and available in digital and print versions. Learn more at Fotoblur

Founding member, Jim Robertson, follows the photographic path in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his contributions to aamora.

19 thoughts on “Chaos Can Be Tricky: Congrats To Jim Robertson”

  1. I love this photo Jim and knowing the background story completes the enjoyment! Congrats on being published.

  2. A truly gorgeous pic. King Chaos clearly knows best how to treat himself–like royalty. Funny the owners were so shocked. They never noticed the squished center cushion all the chocolate dog hair left on the sofa? Labs shed like the dickens. Thanks for sharing this regal shot.

    1. That’s a very good question about the chocolate dog hair evidence. It’s not a Lab but an English pointing somethin-or-other, I forget the exact name. More closely related to Weimeraners (sp?), I think. But it does shed as much as a Lab.

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