Passage In Time by Ronnie Ginnever

Passage of Time by Ronnie Ginnever

IMG_9098Lady in Red waiting for the train to Queens

IMG_9100Lady Descending the Stairs to catch a train to Manhattan

Vintage Subway Trains, NYC from the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s:

Each Sunday in December the MTA runs a variety of vintage subway trains from decades long past. I have many happy subway memories from my childhood and teenage years. Riding the subways to and from Manhattan and around the City was always a special treat for me. Unfortunately due to an injury I have been unable to take advantage of the Sunday specials this December (2009). These two images are from December 2008. They are candid images. A group of friends, strangers to me, decided to dress for the occasion and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Aamora is pleased to welcome Ronnie Ginnever as our guest.

Ronnie Ginnever is a born and bred New Yorker. Much of her work is inspired by the spirit & people of that City. View more of her work on her website, JPG Magazine or

14 thoughts on “Passage In Time by Ronnie Ginnever”

  1. I love these photos, Ronnie. They capture the fleeting and the ephemeral so well. I would like to hear more about your childhood rides on the subway!

  2. Beautiful images, Ronnie, and your recollection of your childhood on the train are so very warm. I hope you are healing if you have not already healed, and am so sorry you were unable to participate in the Sunday vintage Subway project. These images are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Those were the days when a dame could wear her stole in the grand underground stations of New York City and possibly run into Nathan Detroit shooting craps who would possibly bestow diamonds on a goil should he win big or even possibly ermine and pearls.

  4. What Alexis said. The absurdity of these women ever descending below street level….I mean, where are the limos ~!?! Ronnie, these are pure magic!

  5. These photos are so captivating! very dreamlike, transports me back in time… Bravo!

  6. Beautiful photos ! And Alexis said it….”glamour and grimness”
    Excellent work Ronnie.

  7. These are wonderful Ronnie…the glamour and grimness of the subterranean world all wrapped up together

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