Aventuras en Amor by Alexis Gerard & Marie Wilson

“Consuelo, mi amor, vete a buscar el aceite.”

[“Consuelo, my love, go get the oil.”]


“Me encanta cuando Consuelo busca el aceite.”

[“I love it when Consuelo looks for the oil.”]


“Maldita sea, nunca puedo encontrar el aceite!”

[“Damn, I can never find the oil!”]

“No te preocupes, Larissa, mi amor. Envié a Consuelo a buscar el aceite. Estará
ausente por muchas horas. Pues, por alguna razón, nunca puede encontrar el aceite.”

[“Don’t worry, Larissa, my darling. I sent Consuelo for the oil. She will be gone for hours. For some reason she can never find the oil.”]


“Encontrará Consuelo el aceite?

Encontrará Larissa el resto de su falda?

Sintonice la próxima semana para más intriga en …. (música de entrada)…  Aventuras en Amor!”

[“Will Consuela find the oil?

Will Larissa find the rest of her skirt?

Tune in next week for more intrigue on… (cue music)…. Aventuras en Amor!”]


photos by Alexis Gerard

captions by Marie Wilson

Marie and Alexis are founding members of aamora. Alexis took the screen shots from Mexican tv, and asked Marie to create some captions. And so, with a little help from Google Translator and even better help with translation from Claudia Luthi …. El resto es historia.

Vancouver born Marie Wilson, a founding aamora.com member, is a writer, photographer, artist, actor, mother & muse living in Toronto. View her work on her website, on JPG Magazine or on aamora.com.

Aamora member Alexis Gerard co-authored Going Visual, founded Future Image and 6Sight® & is a member of the International Advisory Council of the George Eastman House. View his Flickr photostream or his aamora contributions.

10 thoughts on “Aventuras en Amor by Alexis Gerard & Marie Wilson”

  1. Ohhh yessssssss,great story..genial… really funnny … i wanna now the title of this masterpiece of cinema 🙂

  2. OMG…..this is so far beyond “Over the Top” Brilliant & ridiculously marvelous!!! Love, love and more love to all 3 of you 🙂

    ~ M

  3. Different, great, well constructed, intelligently narrated, funny even hilarious, typically latino. A clear example of entire conjunction and mastery. Brilliant in one word.
    Congrats to Marie and Alexis. What a Brand New Combo.

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