Aamora Guest Photographer: H M Bascom

Aamora welcomes a special guest artist . . .

H M Bascom

“Green Wall” by H M Bascom

Aamora friends, please help us give a warm welcome to H M Bascom, who’s popping into Aamora for her very first visit. We’ve long enjoyed journeying with her through her work and are delighted to see her sharing here.

H M Bascom is a digital artist, photographer and writer reaching to find beauty in the every day scene. Through her work, she hopes to raise awareness on issues such as poverty, homelessness and inequality.

In addition to being an artist, she’s the editor of Active Art and contributing editor for Pink Panther MagazineShe lives and works in a rural area on the edge of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

You’ll be well rewarded by visiting the diversity amongst her galleries. View her fine art work on Imagekind, view her political art gallery or check out Bascom Digital Art for more.

Thanks for sharing!

Happiest of holidays to you & yours 

from all of us at Aamora.

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  1. Welcome to Aamora. Really looking forward to your contributions. All the best to you & yours over the holidays.

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