3 Aamora Members published in JPG magazine

Three aamora.com members, Michael Van der Tol,  Alexis Gerard & Aaron Schwartz  are published in the latest issue (#25) of JPG Magazine.

For more info & to preview, download or order hard copies of the magazine, click here.

JPGMAG_1721502 Marie by Aaron Schwartz –  (on JPGmag.com here)

Shopping Cart Graveyard - M. Van der TolShopping Cart Graveyard – by Michael Van der Tol  – (on JPGmag.com here)

Alexis Gerard Ballad of a Thin Man by Alexis Gerard – (on JPGmag.com here)


Michael Van der Tol, founding aamora member, lives in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. His photographic work focuses on rural & landscapes. View more of his work on his website on his blog or here on aamora.com.

Aamora member Alexis Gerard co-authored Going Visual, founded Future Image and 6Sight® & is a member of the International Advisory Council of the George Eastman House. View his Flickr photostream or his aamora contributions.

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  1. Yo these shrooms got me bleemin’, I’m seein’ all sortsa colors and I’m feelin’ sorta sick!!! Woohoo!!! Bartender may I have another?…Wait…I’m having an 80s flashback…Wait…Ummm…I feel better now…Where was I…Oh…Yeah…Cool pics…Kudos all around for the Dudes…Like…Man…I bet Crystal would have an interesting take on these…

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