Aamora Guest Photographer: Fourth Angel

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{Hanging Heart by Fourth Angel}

Angela Landsberg, best known under her artist moniker Fourth Angel, is a photographer from Somerset West, South Africa and the host of Moments In Time With Your iPhone.

For the hosts to accept artwork into the Moments In Time group, the photo must have been taken and edited inside an iPhone; only downloaded iPhone applications are allowed and there can be no post-editing with computer software. View their featured work by clicking here.

Additionally, each contribution in Moments In Time With Your iPhone, indicates the photographer and application used for the composition. The group is a great resource if you want to learn more about various iPhone applications and their effects on photos.

Fourth Angel brings with her nine artists we’ll showcase during aamora’s celebration of iPhoneography month. We hope you’ll enjoy each artist as much as we have in preparation.  

Extra special thanks to Fourth Angel for sharing such a diversity of artists with aamora friends. Thank you, and everyone, stay tuned as we roll each of these artists out!

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Fourth Angel is a photographer from Somerset West, South Africa and the host of Moments In Time With Your iPhone. Find more of her work at her Redbubble profile.

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  1. It’s quite amazing how frequent and how good these aamora posts are. All credit goes to Jolie Buchanan, who has taken over entirely all editorial and administrative responsibilities, and is making aamora better than it ever was!

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