Divergence by Siddhartha Tawadey ::: Aamora Triptych Solo


by Siddhartha Tawadey

Une Vague de rêves

A wave of dreams

They tell me over there the beaches are black
With lava that’s gone down to the sea
And stretch out at the foot of a huge peak
Smoking with snow
Under a second sun of wild canaries

                            –  André Breton, They Tell Me Over There

Please help us welcome Artist Siddhartha Tawadey to Aamora. We will be featuring Siddhartha Tawadey’s series of triptych’s from a collection called The Wave Of Dreams throughout this month. You are viewing the first in The Wave of Dreams series, Divergence.

From the series: We live in man-made programmed world and a dangerous one at that too. The Threat of Global Warming, the ongoing failure of Foreign Policy in the Middle East and the War in Iraq, along with living with the constant threat of International Terrorism, and Trade Agreements that have induced recession and wrecked economic havoc in the World, show the beginning of this century as extremely difficult if not completely morbid.

The “Revolution of the Mind”, implemented by Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and Louis Aragon as a revolt towards the forces behind WW1 and WW11 is more relevant and important today than ever before.

By resistance to traditional forms of art they provided an alternative to the narrow spectrum of reality and logic. Our imagination cannot be only limited to “utility” that is intended to deny the visions and revelations of fantasy and art.

The photographic images attempt to initiate a dialogue with the viewer by the use of meaningful expression to truly see the dreams of the artist, and yet leave the interpretation open as he or she wishes. It’s only the viewers own personal interpretation that produces meaning. The Images gives the viewer an opportunity to construct their own narrative . That enlarges the context and thus the mental space for meaning and interpretation. But the images also stand alone; the extension of the motif already takes place within the breadth of the wider image.

Large images suggest they can be read quickly from a distance but at a second look they start changing, so that it’s deceptive when expectation shifts towards recognition, when narratives and metaphors are understood .It only makes them even more elusive.

The series consists of Triptychs -Three Individual frames that are juxtaposed to capture an alternate sense of reality. The attempt of juxtaposed images is to bring the inner realities of the subconscious to the conscious mind, the object photographed stands as a metaphor for an inner reality. It seeks to show the meaning of the myriad analogies and symbiotic relationships that exists between elements.

Piecing together plausible narratives from symbols and images, it creates an intimacy of psychological space. The absence of an immediate context allows the image to be released from the logic of reasoning. It metamorphoses into dreams that could only be understood by abstract reasoning.

The Images strive to chart an anatomy of the psyche. It explores the true symbols in mythology, philosophy, revolutionary energies of desire and religion.”
Siddhartha Tawadey is the featured artist on aamora for December 2011 with his submission to aamora’s Project Triptych. Find out more about Siddhartha and view his other works by paying a visit to his website.


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  1. A big welcome to Sid, we are looking forward to featuring your work through out the month; what a great triptych series you have submitted, thank you for sharing with other aamora friends!

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