Guest Artists: Martín Batallés & Gabriela Costoya

Introducing: Martín Batallés & Gabriela Costoya

We came across Martin and Gabriela’s work and asked them if they would share some on Luckily, they said yes.




Martín Batallés (1981) and Gabriela Costoya (1979) were born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and are still living there. They met in 2001 and since then they work together in photography and comics, among other things.

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Martín Batallés (1981) y Gabriela Costoya (1979) nacieron en Montevideo, Uruguay, y siguen viviendo ahí. Se conocieron en 2001 y desde entonces trabajan juntos en fotografía e historietas, entre otras cosas. 

Algo de esto puede verse en su sitio web:

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