Postcards by Alexis Gerard II

1-21-2010 (Postcard 11 - Fish)1-21-2010 (Postcard 11 – Fish)

1-21-2010 (Postcard 12 - FOOD)1-21-2010 (Postcard 12 – FOOD)

Alexis Gerard is a member of Alexis has been a passionate photographer since his twenties. He worked at Apple in the pioneering days of the Macintosh launch, then founded imaging think-tank Future Image in 1991. He founded and now chairs the 6Sight® Future of Imaging executive conference. He co-authored the book “Going Visual”, speaks widely on imaging technology, and is a member of the International Advisory Council of the George Eastman House. As a result of his business activities he had the opportunity to begin shooting digital in the early nineties and does so exclusively now. He prefers small cameras he can have with him at all times. Check out Alexis’ other posts on aamora here and see his other work by clicking here.

13 thoughts on “Postcards by Alexis Gerard II”

  1. your photos have so much depth to them and richness. they’re deep philosophically and rich in color without ever being proselytizing. from works like yours, i’m able to experience color in a new way and appreciate the spaces of blackness in my own photos much more than ever before. your work is also “enjoyable”, not like easy-listening music but they are a pleasure to view. there are many aspects of your finished images that have allowed me to explore color and space in my own photos and to experiment with greater confidence.

  2. Strong, elocuent mastershots, like they only can be made by a master.

    And yes, how comes that photobook publishers aren’t standing in a row to beg for your photos?

  3. These are postcards I’d like to see in my mail for sure. And on my wall. I really love those lively blue fish, swimming in the silvery water, so alive. And then postcard #12 is so its opposite – here is where the fish lie on ice, immobile and as dead as the concrete home where they have come to rest. Great work!

  4. I’ll take 50 copies of postcard #11, and, if possible, a poster of same for my wall. Please, charge to my account on file. Thank you.
    I like #12, but I LOVE #11….! xo, ~ M

  5. The first is definitely old school cool while the second is most definitely food for thought. The first card is definitely scoring from the high post while the second card is most definitely scoring from the low post. The first is fintastic while the second is cartographic. I’ll stop now.

  6. More great PCs from you, Alexis, and even as we look at and admire these we wait eagerly for the next ones!
    Can’t decide which I like best….both!

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