13 thoughts on “Pay Phones ‘n’ Donuts by Aaron Schwartz”

  1. As Lautreamont said “Beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table”, shall we now say “beautiful as a reckless mashup of payphones and donuts in an Aaron Schwartz photo essay”? History is being made here!

  2. Aaron… this is a great series! it gives me a sort of a “back alley, gritty and grungy” feel…

  3. I don’t recommend eating donuts while talking on the payphone. I once did it and broke a tooth when I accidentally bit into the receiver, which by that time had some sprinkles on it so how was I to know?. I should add that I was digging in my purse at the same time for my lipstick, trying to be one step ahead to restoring my face once the donut had wreaked its destruction. This photo essay looks great but its message may lead people astray. My message: like drinking and driving, payphones and donuts do not mix.

  4. Payphones are a dying breed and I’m glad you’re recording them before their complete extinction, Aaron. Donuts, on the other hand, will always be around. Nevertheless your shots of them also record history – there was no Canada donut till Vancouver 2010 – your shots should go into the Donut Hall of Fame.

    (Maura, I do know of that “place”. It’s in a beautiful old historic hotel that is on the verge of being restored to its former glory – the payphones can stay but the third rate bump and grind and the airbrushed ladies have gotta go.)

  5. Great photos Aaron ! I love the combo, payphones and donuts.
    They are two things that are available 24 hours a day .

  6. What an amazing place Canada is! An endless choice of mouthwatering donuts and a variety of payphones to go with them! ( Crystal could advise us on how to eat the one while using the other without breach of etiquette)
    All beautifully photographed by you Aaron!

  7. In between the exotic combination of payphones ‘n’ donuts lies the essence of a whole culture. It is always the capacity to evoke what is left out that makes images really powerful…

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