Guest Photographer: Simon Kossoff: Aamora Project Secret

Secret by Simon Kossoff

It is seven years
Since I kissed her lips
And found them cold.

Photographs and flowers.
A funeral home nightgown
That I did not know.

This echo.
And there.

We are really pleased to have Simon Kossoff contribute to aamora as a guest photographer! This is his contribution to Aamora’s Secret Project.

Simon Kossoff is a photographer and teacher from England now living in Kansas City. He graduated from Brighton University with an honors degree in editorial photography in 1999 and has worked in, but more often not in the field since.

Kossoff’s continuing search to orientate himself in America and its culture is documented in photographic works including ‘Running on Empty’ and ‘States of Grace’. These works can be seen at Get the Picture, the photo agency where he is a member and his on-going ‘psychic co-ordinate points’ are plotted at his blog Altered States of Agoraphobia. He also posts his unedited and on-going work at JPG Magazine, where he finds the on-line community there a continuous inspiration. You will be well rewarded by clicking on the above links & exploring his work further.

Aamora Project Secret
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20 thoughts on “Guest Photographer: Simon Kossoff: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. I enjoyed these images, and would recommend people look at his earlier work when he was living in Madrid, they show perseptive eye for the bizarre and amusing while many could be seen as interesting social comment.

  2. Hey, what do U mean guest, this guy Simon Kossoff is on here more than some us so called members…doesn´t a frequent flyer guest like Simon at some point loss their status as guest & automatically become an honourary membered citizen of Aamora Playland. Simon loved the text/image combination….Keep up the great work. I´d certainly vote you into the Aamora playroom.

  3. Wow, Simon, almost I cannot believe that you have put together three horizontal photos!!! I’m just joking. 🙂 The second and third photo are horrifying because they isolate the motive and give him a perfect reading as a whole with your text. What more surprise me is the element treated this way. There don’t look like your photos. And that is good because it means that you change record and can surprise us in any moment. Congrats.

  4. Time has come to a halt in these beautiful images, and entering them with our eyes stops time for us too. Thank you Simon.

  5. Hi. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! It is great to be a part of this wonderful website. These images are part of an ever growing series. Like I say, ‘this echo. Here and there.’

  6. Yes, your photos usually leave me wanting more Simon….You take kitsch to an elevated level. So happy to see your extraordinary images here. xo 🙂

  7. I am so pleased to see you in aamora, Simon! These 3 photos and the brief text are brillint and say just enough to deepen the mystery. I hope that there are many to come yet…

  8. Dude! You crack me up. Like, man you got your finger on the pulse, your eye on the prize, your neck on the line. Dude! Like, man-it-can, like, send me places, like, far out man. Ya know?

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