You Don’t Even Miss Me Rhio9 & Aaron Schwartz

Christmas can get personal.

rhio9 and aaron schwartz collaboration on aamora

rhio 9 – music, lyrics, vocals, drums, keyboards, photos

aaron – photos, production

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Founder of, Aaron Schwartz, is a photographer, actor, lawyer, writer, and flaneur based in Toronto. You can view more of Aaron’s work at his website, on JPG Magazine, or on member Rhio9 is a photographer & musician. Enjoy more of his wonderful work by checking out his photo blog, his photographic books on Blurb, or take a look at his past contributions here on

17 thoughts on “You Don’t Even Miss Me Rhio9 & Aaron Schwartz”

  1. Excellent collaboration! Music, vocals, images….all fantastic and an original take on the festive season. Yes please, more of this!

  2. Guys, thank you so much for this awesome noir audiovisual ballad, what a way to send off 2011. Rhio, like Butch I immediately thought of Willie Nelson – quite a compliment. All the best to you and yours, Alexis

  3. WOW….what a Dynamic Duo – forget Batman & Robin! What can I say???? I was transported to another Galaxy – Thank you for a truly meaningful experience. Happy Holidays, with my love, ~ M

  4. This is one very surrealistic gift for X-mas. Love it very much
    Great job and very good mood here. Let me say ” Chapeau” et Bravo!

  5. Guys….You have made my morning….wonderful, fantastic collaboration. All the images and the sound track….top notch! I can’t wait to see if there will be an encore.

  6. Dudes! You guys have got the Willie Nelson thing goin’ on here. The pics and music are…like…so cool…cooler than cool…well, not frozen man, but…like…really cool man.

    You’ve given Happy Xmas…like…the perfect personal touches.

    Rock on dudes…

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