The Sea Sings Its Song by Gary Fudge

His story

Her story



Forgotten fables & tall tales

Stones standing tall full of mystery

Ships lost to watery graves

So many lives lost and so few saved

The sea sings its song

Sometimes a whisper

But more often loud and strong.

So much left behind

Stories untold

His story

Her story


The sea sings their song

Gary Fudge is a freelance photographer living on Orkney, part of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. View his work at Flatfoot Photography, in JPG Magazine or aamora.

17 thoughts on “The Sea Sings Its Song by Gary Fudge”

  1. Gary, these are wonderful…there’s all about the sea in your images and words. All its strenght and power to fascinate and to destroy.

  2. Someone above mentioned they expected to see this work in monocromatic tones..but not when your looking at Gary’s work..expect to be overwelmed with his incredible sense of color and won’t be disappointed! and he can write! talented man! No wonder I enjoy collaborations with him..

  3. I must admit that these color shots has surprised me. I was waiting for black and white photos, with rocks and castles, with desolate fields, with rusty cars. And good, pleasant surprise!!!! these photos are marvelous. Congratulations!

  4. Gary this is just wonderful. You’ve bottled the wild soul of the sea in these images..

  5. This is awesome, Gary. Love that ghost ship and the whole misty mystical quality of your shots. Lovely poem too.

  6. Gary, this is really beautiful
    evocative, moody and
    sings so deeply of the secrets of time and the seas
    love it!!

  7. “Haiku This”
    Dark humour, decaying cool
    Photography travels to the Twilight Zone
    Smiling lips reveal traces of fudge

    OK, OK, OK, I’ll stop now. J. Harvey hates it when I write this drivel.

  8. Just wonderful Gary! The ghost ship is spine chillingly beautiful.I love the poem, too. (Shades of Adam Dalgliesh?!)

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