Best of 2009

The Best of aamora – 2009 from Michael Van der Tol on Vimeo.

Michael Van der Tol, asked our members to contribute their favorite shot of 2009. He created this slide show for you to enjoy. Thanks, Michael, and Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you…Aaron Schwartz, Catharine Amato, Claudia Lüthi, Danielle Kelly, Diane Peterson, Jim Robertson, John Linton, Llorenç Rosanes, Marie Wilson, Maura Wolfson-Foster, Michael Van der Tol

16 thoughts on “Best of 2009”

  1. Thank you Michael for putting this together. It was a joy to watch and it left me wanting more. Well, I guess there’s more to come. Oh, and of course thanks to all for the wonderful images you, the members, shared. I know it was difficult to pick just one.

  2. Thank you very much Michael for this wonderful work and for being supported all in assets and in collaboration. Happy 2010 to all.

  3. Thank you “old” jpg/RB friends for this lovely end to the new year.

    (Alexis – what is the slide show program you used here? Please email me at the addy above.)

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  4. Wow! Thank you Michael! This encapsulates what a joy it is to collaborate with such a hugely talented group. All best wishes to our contributors, and to our visitors, for a healthy, joyous, prosperous and creative 2010.

  5. Impressive job Michael! May the New Year be good, productive and challenging, in the best sense, for all of you guys and gals at Aamora. I look forward to seeing more fabulous work.

  6. Thankyou Michael for the idea and for putting it together! I keep watching and enjoying everyone’s photos and am so glad to be part of this!
    I hope you all have a wonderful 2010 full of astounding images and thoughts to share on AAMORA!!

  7. What a thrill MikeV…! Thank you for putting together a splendid slide show. I am the amateur here and feel very honoured to be included with such talented artists. Here’s to a wonderful 2010 – I wish you all a year full of inspiration and sensory fulfillment. xo, ~ Maura

  8. Such an honor to be involved with those making such beautiful images..This was such a stroke of goodness Michael..

  9. A job well done Michael, it looks utterly fantastic what you managed to pull together. Of course with the exception of that snapshot by some amatuer who shall remain nameless. BTW, I do particularly like the foto taken in the airport waiting lounge, it is a very contemporary image on our lives, who ever you are lets see more of that here in 2010 & less of your 365 day job on JPG. Now seriously folk, this is all great work & to all those who submitted fotos all the best in 2010. May you all have continued success with your iamge making no matter how grande or small, its all good as long it comes from the heart.

  10. Absolutely first rate. Aamora is blessed with astounding talent.

    If John had only allowed me to select his photograph instead of submitting that snapshot he took, even after I advised him that it was inappropriate, then this video would have been perfect.

    I wish you all a truly joyous New Year.

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