Birth of the Idea by Danielle Kelly

These images by Danielle Kelly evolved from a project originally for a charity called the Giant Egg Event”

“The purpose of the event was not so much to raise money, although some might be raised, but more importantly to use creativity and collective action to raise awareness to help save the rain forests of Madagascar. The event was inspired by the Largest Egg Known to Science, that of the now extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar.”

“Decorating eggs took place around the world and the egg itself is an obvious and enduring symbol of creativity and potentiality. The idea of the event brought  together the themes of ‘creativity’ and ‘conservation’ by decorating replica eggs of the same size as those of the Elephant Bird.”

The images above are not the ones I submitted to that event; they are color images that took this to the next level for me. The event that inspired and spurred on this series of photographs was the “twitter collective egg for the giant egg event”, led by Tim Grosvenor, a fellow twitter friend.”

Danielle Kelly is an member & semi-professional photographer in NYC with an ardent passion for following light. You can view more of Danielle’s work on her website or

8 thoughts on “Birth of the Idea by Danielle Kelly”

  1. Stunning series of fotos….& everything they said B-4 me goes likewise here, ditto ditto ditto…..great work Danielle.

  2. You were certainly inspired when you made these beautiful images danielle! They remind me of scans of foetuses in the womb, very special human eggs!

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