Night of the Undead by Aaron Schwartz

Happy Halloween!

… and suddenly he’s standing in the doorway and blocking your exit, and he’s like some sinister undead guy with blood all over him?:

….and next thing you know he’s right on top of you & there’s this life and death struggle?:

…and finally you manage to save your life by using every bit of energy in your body and there he is lying on the floor — dead … but can you really kill someone who is already dead so will he get all undead again and get you?  You know, when that happens?

…. Don’t you just hate that?

Aaron Schwartz is the founder of Aamora; he’s also a photographer, actor, lawyer, writer & flaneur based in Toronto. View more of Aaron’s work at his website, on JPG Magazine, or here at aamora.

15 thoughts on “Night of the Undead by Aaron Schwartz”

  1. BTW..I especially like the first one with the shadowey face on the right side…very cool!

  2. such incredible originality! Somehow this all works..even though the pictures could be a bit it works well!

  3. I do hate that! Why, it happened to me just the other night, but it turned out to be my hubby. Ummm… Guess I should clean up the mess… :~)

  4. Ahhh, such a delightful take on the night when the veil lifts between the 2 worlds….altho’, I do think some people were confused by the “Fall back: time change….? :/

  5. May I be the…er…fourth person to congratulate you on a fine Halloween series. John’s entry looks pathetic compared to your superb grasp to the ghoulish nature of Hallowe’en. A riotous romp through the vicisitudes of Parentalia as it were. In a word, magnificent.

  6. This happens to me every night when I am going to the refrigerator to look for a yogurt! I am full with killing him and that he turns every night… in the end, believe that we will make friends because lately he already begins explaining it to me hard that is his life…

  7. Terrifying stuff Aaron! I do just really hate it when that happens in my kitchen!So messy!! Beautifully done of course.
    Inspirational! Happy Halloween to all at Aamora.

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