So it’s come to this by Jim Robertson

Images from an antiques & collectibles store . . .

A sense of sadness . . .

Once full of life, or at least representations of life . . .

Touched with dignity . . .

So, it’s come to this…
Founding member, Jim Robertson, follows the photographic path from Lexington, Kentucky, USA. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his past contributions to aamora.

17 thoughts on “So it’s come to this by Jim Robertson”

  1. These images touch a special place in my heart..I love finding “old things” and photographing them..Jim has done an excellent job..the color is magnificent!

  2. Well Jim, do you know that I am slightly critical, no? Don’t take offense, I do not want to give lessons to anybody because I do not have lessons to be given. Only I try to contribute what I believe that you can need. If I am wrong, forgive me please.
    There are two things that do that the dialogue does not flow sufficiently. One, there are four manikins photos. With one, the best, I believe that everything would work rather. And two, when someone breaks the formal part, loses the reading. I refer to putting vertical images next to horizontal.
    The good part is that you have managed to go beyond the negligence with these photos. And although they could transmit sadness, slovenliness, obsoleteness… you achieve that the spectator wants to recover these objects they to give utility again.

  3. Sad but true 4 only U to give new meaning to the old…great 2 C your work here Jim.

  4. What a fantastic assemblage of “things’. I love your photos….you have given them everlasting dignity. Thank you 🙂

  5. Wonderful photographs Jim! The arrangement against a deep red wall, the figure in the cognac glass, the croc, the pufferfish… All were once part of someone’s life. The meaning they once had can’t be recalled, but your images give them back the dignity that they all did, once, have such meaning.

  6. gosh, these really stirred up some memories. I’m with Marie… that green coffee cup stopped me dead in my tracks… we had them in my kitchen while growing up… outstanding photo essay!

  7. I love these! My boy and I are frequent yard salers… I often think about the stories the things we pick up hold. Great expression!

  8. Great great shots, Jim. A real journey through other times and other lives. Thought I heard whispers and smelled incense… thought I saw my mother’s red lipstick imprint on that green coffee mug… There’s something joyous in your record of these forgotten things.

  9. Lip-smacking good.

    “We gather strength from sadness and from pain, Each time we die we learn to live again.” I have no idea who originally said that, but if it’s true than I’ve died and gone to heaven several times while scrolling through these pics.

    I think you saved the best for last. Christ seems to be making a point about “Dick” Cheney.

  10. Beautiful photography Jim. I’m intrigued by the shot with the photo of Garibaldi and the one of the balloon glass with the figure in it.
    Your photo essay really does convey “sadness…with a touch of dignity”. Great atmosphere.

  11. I love these images.
    My favorite is the mannequin with the hat. The way the eyes look up. Wonderful.
    The whole feeling portrayed of, to me, ‘left behind’ is quite amazing.

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