Welcome New Aamora Member: Skip Hunt

{The Birds by Skip Hunt}

Aamora is proud to introduce Skip Hunt as a new aamora member. Skip’s photography is remarkable for its beautifully vivid color, incisive composition and varied locales, including Mexico, Guatemala and South Africa.  

You will be well rewarded by checking out Skip’s work at skiphunt:visualartist.  We recommend starting by playing his slide show, and then exploring his whole site.
Austin, TX based member Skip Hunt is a wandering soul attempting to break the chains & surf free atop wavelengths within the visible spectrum. View his website, travel blog, tumblr, or aamora.

11 thoughts on “Welcome New Aamora Member: Skip Hunt”

  1. I love the colours and the angle.The lighting is very cool and the birds filling the sky is a nice treat. great capture !

  2. Such gorgeous color!..even though everything is shot in color it still gives the feeling of mystery..Love it!

  3. Wonderful work as always. I love the bright vibrant colours that you always capture.
    The PoV and interest here is just surreal. Excellent!

  4. oh my goodness. this is just breathtaking! I was immediately reminded of Hitchcock as well… these colors are just scrumptious!!

  5. Skip, it’s so great to see you here, I’ve been missing your work on JPG. You certainly haven’t lost a step – maybe gained one or two. Amazing image!

  6. Friggin’fabulous fleur-de-lis photo. I never knew Alfred Hitchcock was a fan of Louis XIV. And those Calypso colors bring back memories of Harry Belafonte. A ménage à trois of manly men brought to life in one photo. Fantastique.

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