Layering With Light I by Alexis Gerard

{Layering With Light (Keep Out)}

Part of an ongoing exploration of layering with light. Images taken off Highway 92, an area of San Mateo county (California) that becomes the “pumpkin belt” at this time of year.

“We don’t see beings or objects,

we see the light energy they reflect.”

12 thoughts on “Layering With Light I by Alexis Gerard”

  1. Wow, can’t wait to see the development of this series. You’re so talented, Alexis. In Greenhouses my eye is immediately drawn to the triangular patch of blue and then to how the standing corn stalks appear to be hugging each other tightly and struggling to reach the light.In Keep Out I love how the lighting highlights the lines and angles and I’m drawn to the blue door, wanting to see what’s behind it.

  2. Thank you all! It is so rewarding to be on this site, and to enjoy your support and your comments. I am going to continue working on this series – in fact the next shots to be posted are already “in the box” 🙂 Thanks particularly, Llorenç, for your pointed observation that the corn stalks may grab too much relative attention, given that they are not what the picture is “about”. I think that is quite true – at this viewing size. The detail and variations in the right of the picture, which draw the eye in a balanced way when the picture is viewed large, are not legible enough to do that when the image is small. Of course, I think it’s true that the _very best_ images work regardless of size. Something to ponder and learn from!

  3. Although the first image is very attractive, with the corn placed to the left, breaking it, almost, symmetry, I believe that the corn takes too many relevancy and one wonders why one is right and another wire drawing in the soil. I believe that the second one offers many other light and shadow records and there is no possible distraction, but on the contrary, the door invites to enter the photo and the letters Keep Out, they still reinforce more the intention of knowing another side.

  4. Fascinating Alexis.The mysteriously subdued light behind the glass makes the eye want to penetrate further.Look forward to the developing “exploration”.

  5. It’s really excellent to see your work profiled here Alexis. Personally, I would really like to see where this layering with light takes you…¨please sir can we have some more¨.

  6. “To infinity, and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear

    OK, I admit the quote is totally stupid, but when the 15 watt bulb that is my mind tried to light the way through all the clouded layers that’s the best it could come up with.

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