guys who had my back

“the guys who had my back”


northern thai town

Northern Thai town across the Mekong


near the Mekong

near the Mekong

blind boy

blind boy Takhli

(Yashica 124G and Plus X Panchromatic ASA 125)


steven a wilson-children

Thai children

(Rolleicord VB Plus X Pan ASA 125 .)

tiny dancer

tiny dancer

thai schoolgirl

Thai school girl


I worked at the Kodak plant QC part time in high school.  I graduated from Chamblee High in 1967 . I was the Yearbook Photographer for two years , then they hired me in 1967 as their pro until I went into the Air Force .

Our water temp was hard to control with E-3 light reversal and even harder with E-4 . ESP1 push mailers would get the 160 pushed to 400 . I did that several times .Takhli Thailand was home to The 355th Tactical Fighter WingRepublic F-105 Thunderchief THUD

I was an Aerial Combat Photographer.


The Smithsonian Air & Space has a full issue dedicated to some Combat Photographers . I was chosen and it will be out this spring .

This is the second part of Steven’s photos of children in SEA and we are grateful to him for sharing these precious images with us.