How do you like aamora’s new look? We’re hoping to inspire our friends,contributors and new artists to make their New Year’s RESOLUTION a photo, video, art or writing contribution to aamora! You can send contributions to our “Submissions” page (link on home page) or to  our email –, or send a PM to our Facebook page

Here is a small, random selection of work from some of our fantastic contributors during 2014 on aamora:

Alexis Gerard


Michael Van Der Tol

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-4aamora


Diane Petersen

Diane P
Rhio 9


Emanuele Cosmo


Mary Ann Reilly

for Aamora. Reilly.500,000 Flee
Many more contributors shared their art with us and please scroll through our pages to view.

The new aamora is at present work in progress and we will be adding new features soon!

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