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Aamora’s got the scoop on what’s hot!  We hear that since a few days after its launch as an e-book on May 1, 2013, The Gorgeous Girls has been the #1 Top Book and Marie Wilson the #1 Top Author on HarperCollins Canada’s website.  If you’re a Facebook type, she’s even got a fanpage and a Gorgeous Girls page you can check out (“likes” and “shares” are good).

Congratulations, Marie, from everybody at aamora.  Now, help pass the word, people!

Readers are already giving it glowing reviews. After you read it, give one of your own on Goodreads and help support our Author from Aamora. Here’s some of what they’re saying:

  • “It’s well written, intelligent, surprising, cheeky, and the sex is really explicit and – I don’t mind saying – pretty exciting. And throughout the book we get the treat of reading some of the biting and hilarious things written by Dorothy Parker, the famous New York writer known for her witty quips. She’s the girls’ hero, and I bet she’d love this book. I couldn’t put it down.” –  Clara B.

  •  “I loved it! Sexy, fun, wild and yet still manages to delve into our deeper selves and desires. I love love love all of the Dorothy Parker insights.” – Anna May

  • ” I just uploaded and am reading this hot sexy book!!! It’s funny and uplifting.” – Janice I.

  • “Fabulous read! I enjoyed the book immensely.” – Alan Q.



Marie Wilson, a founding member of aamora,  (see her aamora stuff here) has always been a writer. See more about her on her personal website here . The Gorgeous Girls is available now for download on Kobobooks . The Kindle edition of The Gorgeous Girls is available on Amazon.

Don’t have an e-reader? Just download one of these free eReading Apps from Kobo and you can read The Gorgeous Girls on your Mac or PC, your iPhone or iPad, your Android smartphone or your Blackberry.


There are no photographs in The Gorgeous Girls – with writing like that, who needs ’em ? – but here are a couple anyway, because we like photographs,  and we thought they went along with these 2 excerpts from the book:


“And the less fear you have in your soul, Paris whispered to me, the more room there is for l’amour.  And what is that?  It is the way Van Gogh painted irises and it’s a kiss in the Parisian rain. It’s a blackbird on a chimney pot singing sweetly in the morning and it’s your lover bringing you Rhum Baba from the Rue Moufftard as you lounge in bed.

And it’s an understanding of life and all its players that goes to the depth of your soul. And suddenly, plunging into those depths, you find yourself feeling as light as a fairy wing, ancient in understanding, born anew into love, vermillion scarf blowing in the breeze.”




“Sizzling. We walk along the busy Saturday-night street, crowded with summery fashionistas and jump jive boys. I steer him into an alleyway and push him up against a wall of chaotic graffiti. We kiss and I feel ease settle into my muscles and bones. There’s a hush now, the hubbub far away.

Iron stairways, light falling in slats. Mud puddles, men in shadows, drug deals, scents of chop suey and cappuccino. We kiss, long and hard.

A red light glows through an iron grate; trees push up, defying concrete, garbage, exhaust, overwrought city planning. And two people, just passing through, wrapped in love, blossom even in the polluted urban squalour.”


All photographs (except the book cover) are by aamora founder Aaron Schwartz.