Icy Pegs

by Carla Boulton

Please help us welcome Carla Boulton to Aamora with a triptych in the solo photography category, entitled Icy Pegs.

Aamora Project Triptych

Solo in Photography

by Carla Boulton with Icy Pegs

Note: Triptych Example = 550 pixels width x 900 pixels tall

Artist Carla Boulton descended from Flemish horse dealers and English farmers. Carla likens herself to a warm wind, enveloping those around her in a firm and guiding way. A multi-skilled graphic designer and artist for 20+ years working in marketing and branding, Carla also works with children in schools instilling a love of creativity and freedom. A successful illustrator, painter, and photographer with a keen sense of darkness and humour. Find more of Carla’s work on her website.

Project Triptych
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