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3 very short films + bonus scene, featuring Aaron Schwartz:




Aaron Schwartz is the founder of aamora and an actor, lawyer, photographer and more! For more about Aaron the actor, click here.

aamora welcomes filmmakers, as well as photographers and writers, to submit their work for publication here on aamora for exposure to an international audience. 

If you would like to contribute a video please send us a link (on our Submissions page) to Vimeo, Youtube or Dropbox. We suggest a maximum length of about 5 minutes.

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“BEING IN THE WORLD and BEING A WORLD” (Part one) by Talia Krasicka

Talia Krasicka Layers of suffering aamora

Layers of suffering

Photograph inspired by Emmanuel Levinas’s “Useless Suffering”.
“All evil refers to suffering. It is the impasse of life and being, their absurdity, where pain does not come, somehow innocently, ‘to colour’ consciousness with affectivity. The evil of pain, the harm itself, is the explosion and most profound articulation of absurdity”.

Talia Krasicka The pupil of conscience aamora

The Pupil of Conscience: You Shall Not Murder

For Abel Living in Cain.

Talia Krasicka The Principle of Duality aamora

The Principle of Duality

“Philosophy of Perception” series

Talia Krasicka God... aamora

“God can only be present in creation under the form of absence”.

A Tribute to Simone Weil

talia Krasicka Agnosticism aamora


dedicated to Mark Rothko

Talia Krasicka Genesis aamora


“Philosophy of Perception” series.

Talia Krasicka Der Zauberberg aamora

Der Zauberberg

A Tribute to Thomas Mann.

Talia Krasicka is a Polish self-taught photographer based in Warsaw, with an academic background in humanities. Her photographic work – inspired both by her life experience and her cultural background – tends naturally towards fine art photography with a careful attention to both aesthetic quality and meaningful content. She is attracted to all kind of internally vibrant phenomena able to trigger poetic and philosophical readings. In her intensely emotional and reflective photographs, she explores different dimensions of human experience of being in the world and of being a world. Her artistic effort focuses on investigating the subtle connections existing between the hidden and the exposed, the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the unconscious. With her own visual language she distills immaterial contents permeating the material world as filtered through human consciousness. Abstract thinking and oneiric perceptions are, she says, what anchors her best in the reality ineluctably modeled by the intrinsic contradictions of human temporality and the fundamental incommunicability of individual inner life. She conceives her work merely as a trigger for the viewers’ internal dialogue with themselves and their parallel personal work of becoming who they are. You can find more of her work JPG and her site

AN EYE ON THE STREET by Paolo Pizzimenti







Paolo Pizzimenti was born 57 years ago, so, yes he is no longer a young man, but maybe a little wiser than yesterday and always with an eye to life on the street.


Paolo started taking pictures at the age of 14 and will never stop while his eyes still have the pleasure of hunting….He has been defined as a « humanist photographer » as he likes to freeze the ordinary life of people he meets on his way.
He empathises with his subjects and always tries to involve them in his shots.
The pictures he takes are never contrived but are always spontaneous as the life they portray.
Paolo likes to tell short stories wherever he shoots.
He doesn’t like to take pictures of people suffering as nowadays it is so easy to do. He likes to take the beauty of ordinary days….

Enjoy more of Paolo’s work on his website, and on Flickr.

NASHVILLE by Niki Conolly









Niki Conolly lives in Nashville, and more of her work can be seen on jpgmag and instagram.

COLLAGES by Mary Ann Reilly

The collage work displayed here represents a visual response/reaction to reading The New York Times each day. Every day I read the newspaper and then create a collage based on a story and/or set of images that catch my eye. The works are from a larger effort begun in 2012 and again in 2014 that I chronicle on my blog:Between the By-Road and the Main Road: Exploring the Intersections between Art and Learning. These collage works are inspired by The Collage Journal of Pete Jacobs.

for Aamora. Reilly.At Ground Zero

 A New Story at Ground Zero (June 7, 2014)

for Aamora. Reilly.6.9.14 tipped Into Poverty

Tipped into Poverty (June 9, 2014)

for Aamora. Reilly.500,000 Flee

 500,000 Flee (June 13, 2014)

for Aamora. Reilly.George Stinney


 Seeking Justice for George Stinney (June 16, 2014)

 for Aamora. Reilly.Displaced People 6.17.14


 Displaced (June 17, 2014)



Mary Ann says,”I like to make things, especially mistakes”

DILEMMA by aamora member Catharine Amato

catharineamato aamora_5

Recently I have been neglecting my old, second hand Hasselblad. It’s heavy to carry, especially with extra lenses, and digital is so much faster and easier. Maybe I’m getting too old for it!

catharineamato aamora_8

catharine amato aamora_6

catharineamato aamora_4

But today, looking back at the negatives I’ve scanned I’m reliving the enjoyment I had from using this camera. So, no, I won’t be selling it yet and promise to use it this summer! Maybe soon a grandson will show some interest and I’ll be glad I kept it.

catharineamato aamora_9

catharineamato aamora_10

These images were taken over the last 5 or 6 years near home.

Catharine’s other contributions to aamora

GRANNIES by MaYa Sinji Jung – part three


Family portrait

For the last couple of years, I’ve taken photos and written essays of sweet grannies in my island home, Jeju-do, South Korea. Here, we call grannies ‘Halmang’ in Jeju dialect.

Maya Sinj Jung2 sharing moments aamora

sharing moments

Most of them live alone in peaceful rural villages, set against the mountains and ocean. Their kids left their old towns and ran away to the city. Their husbands have long passed away. Sadly, many grannies lost their beloved ones to the tragic Jeju 4:3 massacre (1948-1954) or the Korean war (1950-53).

Maya Sinji Jung3 my grand daughter looks ike me aamora

my grandaughter looks like me

In a Halmang’s universe, time passes slower and smoother. Without speaking too many words, their stories spread like endless tree-rings; the stories as someone’s lovely daughter, as some guy’s beautiful woman, as some kid’s strong mother, and also as everyone’s sweet grandma.

Maya Sinji Jung4this is the only photo he left when he died 22 aamora

This is the only photo he left when he died

I love these grannies. And I love their stories. How fortunate was I to be invited and allowed to wander in their universe? It is a never-ending journey into a place of peace. **My stories are all written in Korean, so I am sharing only photos with you guys!**

Maya Sinji Jung5 i was the most beautiful girl in my town aamora

I was the most beautiful girl in my town


someone’s father

Maya Sinji Jung7 someones lover aamora

someone’s lover

MaYa Sinji Jung is a multi skilled storyteller trying to inspire people by her images, sounds, writings and smiles. Recently based in Jeju-do(South Korea), delivering various life stories by her writings and photographs. You can view more of her works in JPG Magazine, visit her on Flickr, and on FaceBook.

Parts one and two of MaYa’s “Grannies” series on aamora.

BUTCHART GARDENS by aamora member Michael Van der Tol

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.”
― May Sarton

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-1aamora

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-2aamora

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-3aamora

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-4aamora

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-5aamora

MichaelVanderTol ButchartGardens-6aamora

I don’t often travel to Butchart Gardens – that’s a shame as it is only a 2.5 hour drive south on from where I live on Vancouver Island. It’s a secluded garden enveloped by the Daphne Islet. Walking along the pathways and sampling the scents & colours I am reminded that I am in a privileged space.

“A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.”
― Sadi

Michael’s previous contributions to aamora.

FRIMAGINATION by Dariusz Klimczak (part two)

dariusz klimczak_timer aamora


dariusz klimczak sphere aamora


dariusz klimczak Sawland aamora


dariusz klimczak roof aamora


dariusz klimczak_rockhouse aamora


dariusz klimczak rythm aamora



Dariusz Klimczak was a painter, journalist, drummer in a rock band.
Has been taking pictures  for almost 30 years, for several years engaged in photomontages. Exhibits his works in many polish and foreign exhibitions.
Two of his works were “Photo of the Year” at the photographic portal (“Acrobats” in 2011 – , “Camel Hill“) in 2013
As the only Pole to qualify for the big international exhibition in Cairo, Egypt in February 2012.
Interview with the author was published in the prestigious UK publishing ALTERED IMAGES – New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography.
Winner of the Mayor of Slupsk, Poland scholarship (May 2012).
Dariusz Klimczak sells limited editions of their work at home and abroad.
His website
FB fan page
His Blog

Part one of “Frimagination” on aamora


I work for a non-profit , humanitarian organization that specializes in health care and poverty alleviation in East Africa. A large part of my job is to visit our projects each year and to document our work, bringing back photographs that tell the stories of the people we serve. When I am not working, I am exploring the towns and villages where we work and the places in between, attempting to create something personal along the way. This group of images is not intended to be a cohesive body of work. They are singles, without context, representing my personal relationship and perceptions of Africa – all of its strangeness and beauty and complex relationships among God, government, and colliding cultures. My love for this part of the world is equally complex. I’m a stranger in a strange land, and yet when there I somehow I feel more comfortable in my own skin–ironic, given that I’m glaringly aware that my skin is pale, vulnerable, and out of place. I feel a real freedom unlike the highly touted freedoms of home. And it doesn’t escape me that it’s likely because I am white, a visitor, and the rules there don’t apply to me in the same way. But I am respectful, even reverential, in all that I encounter. I know how precious these times are when I can be the minority, unable to blend, surrendering to the circumstances in which I enter.

014b_Jeff James

015_Jeff James

016_Jeff James

017_Jeff James

018_Jeff James

019_Jeff James

020_Jeff James

021_Jeff James

022_Jeff James

023_Jeff James

024_Jeff James

more of Jeff’s work can be seen here.

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