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Spirits by Guest Photographer Gail Anderson

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I often wonder whose life I’ve run across, when stumbling upon scenes such as these. Whose child’s portrait or life or soul has my camera just captured? Whose life consisted of sleeping in a room with one bare light bulb and one picture on the wall? What it was like to wake up in a feather bed with shadows of trees cast all around me? Someone used this sewing machine to make a child’s nightshirt, perhaps stuck their finger, drawing a drop of two of blood. I feel the spirits of those that walked these halls before me, who lived, loved, cried and died in this exact place.

And sometimes, if I’m lucky and find myself alone…. I can stop, put my camera aside and feel the souls around me. Perhaps if I’m shooting, they will allow themselves to be seen. In either case, I walk away a changed person taking a small piece of what I saw and felt with me….


We’re happy to welcome Las Vegas photographer Gail Anderson as a guest contributor to aamora. Gail tells us: “The world is a remarkable place, filled with the mundane. I hope to share the mundane in a remarkable way.” You can enjoy more of Gail’s work on her website. She can also be found on Redbubble and JPGmag.