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Guest Photographer: Mario Scattoloni

21-21A Twilght Film Walkers500
38A - 39 Twilght Film Walkers500

41 Twilght Film Walkers500

31-31A Twilght Film Walkers500

7-7A Twilght Film Walkers500
25-25A Twilght Film Walkers500
13 - 13A Twilght Film Walkers500

Twilight Walkers by Mario Scattoloni

I pretty much work blindly as a serial investigator into many of life´s banal moments. My Twilight Walkers series was just that: a slice of banality from the everyday (photographed circa 1994) to be resurrected many years later, bringing new life to something once forgotten.

I have allowed the dirt of my city to become an integral part of the story. It´s yet another layer of the reality we have lived during my time away from my former home in Toronto, Canada, which has now certainly become my past. Barcelona is my present, and the dust accumulating on my negatives and photographs will one day become my future. The documented moments of lives through photographs seem better observed in a different context, at a later point in time.

Maybe it only really matters that we reflect upon ourselves in this collective mirror during our own time here. We come and go as if we are phantoms. In the end we hardly remember the things our parents described to us about about their own lives & times. We only recall sketchy details of our grandparents, and almost nothing from that of our great grandparents’ existence. Photography allows us a bridge into that window, that long-ago-world that was once a part of the lives of our ancestors.

Perhaps in the end it is the continuum of life that really matters and not all those moments captured to be revisited over and over again. Photography is like a type kind of death that steals away the souls of others and that of our own.

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