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I am absolutely fascinated with local customs and folklore in the alpine regions of Europe. I am currently living in the bavarian “Voralpen” or “Prealps” in Germany and it is steeped in wonderfully mystical traditions.



One such tradition I have become terrified and obsessed with is the folklore of Krampus.  Krampus is a devil like horned figure who is the yin to St Nicolaus’ yang.  He is what motivates Tyrolean children to be good each year.  It is believed that if you misbehave, Krampus who travels along with St Nicolaus will hit you will a stick and stuff you in a sack and take you away.  If that doesn’t create positive change in your children’s behavior I don’t know else would.






Laura Boston Thek is a published, self-taught Alternative Process photographer. Born in rural Northern New Jersey, she has spent the majority of her life living and working in Europe. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fl. She has enjoyed a long and varied art career, from Apprentice Conservator to Military Museum Designer and Fabricator to her current position as a Fine Art Photographer. She lives in a 2,000 year old village along the sleepy Neckar River in Germany with her former Army pilot spouse and part time photographer and her canine companion and muse, Clover. She is a prolific photographer consistently developing her photographic skills. Working with cameras from the contemporary digital to restored old analog and wet plate.

“Daily I wander, compelled to capture with my camera the ever-changing beauty surrounding me. Taking photos was and is a path to healing my wandering soul. Of course, the miles are fueled by the endless energy of Clover, my muse and dog. Images are captured through the lenses of multiple cameras. From digital to analog to Large and Wet Plate; I am currently captivated by a journey into the early days of photographic techniques. However, my fundamental tool is my heart; I do not think about when to press the shutter release…I feel it. Thus freezing that exact moment for all time. My work is often described as “cinematic”, rather than photographic due to its emotive qualities. I base the success of an image on it’s ability to evoke emotional connection between my audience and my subject.”

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