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THE AAMORA INTERVIEW. 2. Michael Van Der Tol

For our second interview we’ve asked aamora founder member Michael Van Der Tol to answer our questions.

Lasqetti_Storm_1 (1)

Lasquetti Storm

 Why photography?

At one time in my life it was oils & water colors, but that soon gave way to photography for the simple reason that I can capture moments that turn into memories. With my painting I would recreate memories of past moments. At this point in my life I prefer the former.


A good conduit for consuming shared imagery, but a lot of photography is better viewed in a larger form factor – like a print or a higher resolution screen or tablet.

Digital v. Film – still a topic?

Not relevant – it’s like oils v. acrylics; or instant film vs. lab processed film.

 Is the equipment important?

At one time it was, as very few had access to basic equipment and processes because of the cost; not anymore.

 How did you learn to photograph?

I’m still learning, but I started practising on film and then began practising using digital.

Are photographs “taken” or “made”?

Some are made – some are taken. I enjoy the process of making photographs. For me the process starts with the capture of the image. The making comes in the processing of the image. On rare occasions I am happy with a “taken” photograph.

Is photography art?

Photography is art. You may get arguments from purists who say Visual Art and digital photography are at two different ends of the artistic spectrum – with technology having no place in art. I would encourage those who think this way to consider watching an eye-opening documentary called “Tim’s Vermeer”, about one of the great Dutch painters, Johannes Vermeer.

Where do you go to look at photographs?

Like most people I consume a lot of photography via the internet. Sites like VSCO, 500px, Flickr, Instagram are some of my favorites for different reasons.

Who is it for – you or them?

A lot of what I take is for me and I share a small fraction with others. A lot of what I don’t share is more experimental – as I prefer to hone the concept before sharing.

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